Sorry, I have not been posting much on the blog lately. Aside from life issues and helping out some friends, I have been also making some YouTube videos! Speaking of which, I would like to feature today is the Lineage series I have been running! If you would like to know more about the game Lineage, I had previously blogged about it here.

Episode 1

In Episode 1, I talk about the basic rules of Lineage and the unofficial fan expansion “Of Golden and Dark Ages,” which adds more events to the base game! Then we go into the life of Khaar the Able, the first Claad (monarch) of our dynasty and ruler of the city state of Paamus.

Episode 2

In Episode 2, the Claadship of Paamus has moved on to Biimo the Wicked. A legal reformer, Biimo was misunderstood by later generations and met an inglorious end.

Episode 3

In Episode 3, Biimo was suceeded by Goosa the Old, a monarch who oversees Paamus’s rises to new heights.

Episode 4

In Episode 4, Liiw the Brave and their sibling Lugh each take the Claadships of Paamus and Talisa to form a solid defense against outsiders. Talisa takes on the role of the junior partner, but does the dynasty do well with this new split of powers?

Episode 5

In Episode 5, we cover the short reign of Sudaay the Terrible and the equally destabilizing rule of Liiw II the Impaler. Things are starting to push toward a close, so I suspect the end is in sight!

Episode 6

In Episode 6, we look at the reign of the unlikely monarch, Hiila the Unfortunate. Decended from a princly house of our dynasty, is Hiila prepared to turn things around for Paamus? Are the wheels of fate just too strong for any one person to stop, even of Hiila’s power and influence?

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