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Initial Review of To Swear on your Honor.

Hi all, I intend on doing an Actual Play of Peach Garden Games’s Solo TTRPG To Swear on your Honor on the Youtube channel, so this is where you will be able to find future videos! In the mean time, I will share the in depth look at the game here, so be sure to check it out so you know what to expect in the course of play.

To Swear on your Honor – The TL;DR

In this game, you play a heroic warrior type who is sworn to the service of a liege. This warrior could be from any number of historical periods, cultures, or fanatical settings like a musketeer, a Arthurian knight, a mystical warrior from a scifi religious order, or so on.

Once you have created your world and knight, To Swear on your Honor contains curious rolling tables to make events called Perils and Intrigues that your warrior has to resolve. You do so by using your character’s four stats and tapping into their Legend to create pools of d6s to determine success. Their successes or failures builds a reputation that will eventually determine if their name will be remembered with glory or ignominy.

The Actual Play

Episode 1

Episode 2

Coming Soon!

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